Virtual Primary Care

Supporting Patient Care beyond the Tele-medicine Call.

Health Espresso’s connected, electronic health record (EHR), transforms a physician tele-medicine call into a true Virtual Clinic visit. Providing the physician with real-time patient vitals, medication records and lab reports empowers a physician to make informed decisions for better health outcomes. This is especially useful for unattached and high needs patients that may not have regular access to a family physician.

Self-Registration, Auto Intake and Triage:

Health Espresso powers physician’s websites with Registration forms that automatically creates a Digital Patient Profile on the EHR to facilitate Intake and Triage with notification to physician and/ or their Nurse Practitioner. Our solution can be customized to match clinic’s needs.


Physicians can book e-Visits with patients via integrated calendar.

Virtual Care:

Built-in video capability allows for 1:1 or 1: many high quality, secure video consults at no additional cost.

Virtual Care:

Health Espresso’ s EHR provides a critical Patient Digital Health record to convert a tele-medicine call into a virtual care with the proper follow up supplying data. iCARE Virtual is Health Espresso’s collaborative virtual health partner.

Health Espresso in-cloud secure web portal is in the process of connecting to government digital assets HRM, OLIS and is in the process of integrating with OSCAR and some EMRs.

Health Espresso is a patient centred, connected and secure communication platform that provides access to real time patient data for inter - professional virtual collaboration for better health outcomes at point of care.

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