Skin Care

Introducing Health Espresso’s patient-centred, Skin Health and Wound Care solution that provides just-in-time learning and non-intrusive image capture for holistic and efficient point-of-care.

In Partnership with Wounds Canada

Collaborative Organizations
Real Time Data

Connected, Collaborative, Real-Time Data

Unlike many standalone solutions, Health Espresso integrates the wound imaging, analysis and progress tracking into a Digital Patient Profile offering a broader scope of the patient’s health.

Care: Timely & Structured

To optimize the healing process, care needs to be timely. A structured approach to assessment, treatment, documentation and communication is necessary to provide patients with the best possible outcomes.

Community Care Tools

Health Espresso is a patient centred, connected and secure communication platform that provides access to real time patient data for inter - professional virtual collaboration for better health outcomes at point of care.

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