Health Espresso’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) auto-measures wounds and delivers clinically calibrated images using image capture technology on smart phones or tablet at point-of care. Using cloud-based technology, clinicians are able to evaluate the wound remotely for assessment and monitoring for better healing outcomes.

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Wound Measurement Technology

Wound Measurement Technology

Health Espresso provides non-invasive wound measurement through image-capture on a phone or tablet. Images are simultaneously available from the point-of-care onto Health Espresso’s in-cloud web portal to assess and track progress.

Messaging and Video Technology

Health Espresso’s provincially certified secure messaging and video technology ensures wound management and care continuum reducing the need for external visits to Retirement homes and Long Term Care facilities.

Messaging & Video Technology

Health Espresso is a patient centred, connected and secure communication platform that provides access to real time patient data for inter - professional virtual collaboration for better health outcomes at point of care.

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