Privacy and Security

Health Espresso is compliant with best-in-class security technology validated by both a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA).

Privacy & Security

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Privacy Impact Assessment

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

PIA is a structured risk management methodology, from a privacy perspective, that looks at the environment in which your app or device will operate, and how data flows through the technical and business processes. A PIA will help you understand the privacy risks associated with your products and services. A PIA will help identify real hotspots where privacy and security countermeasures may be needed.

Security Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

Security threat and risk assessment (TRA) is the process of identifying and mitigating threats and risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. A TRA involves identifying what information is at risk, determining the relative magnitude of the risk, and deciding what to do about the risk. The goal of risk management is to ensure that risks remain within acceptable limits and that the cost of countermeasures is are affordable. A TRA is a collaborative process where representatives of various groups within the organization develop a shared understanding of threat and risk requirements and options.

Treat & Risk Assessment

Health Espresso is a patient centred, connected and secure communication platform that provides access to real time patient data for inter - professional virtual collaboration for better health outcomes at point of care.

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