InterRAI is a collaborative network of researchers and practitioners in over 35 countries committed to improving care for persons who are disabled or medically complex

InterRAI Intake

InterRAI Intake Assessments

InterRAI Intake Assessments are embedded into Health Espresso’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) to empower practitioners to make an informed decision on a patient’s therapy and triage next steps.

A customized Intake Questionaire can also be set up on an organization’s website to initiate patient’s self-registration leading to the auto-creation of an Electronic Health Record, intake and customized auto-triage.


InterRAI instruments are designed to facilitate patient flow across health sectors. Adopting a patient-centred approach, this improves care continuum, leading to measured clinical outcomes.

Most instruments are designed to be used by a trained assessor. Recent versions also have self-report set up. Several types of instruments are available:

Comprehensive Instruments+

Screening Instruments+

Quality of Life Instruments+

InterRAI intake Assessment instruments
InterRAI Applications


Information collected through interRai instruments can be used in following applications:

Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs)+

Status and Outcome Scales+

Quality Indicators+

Resource Allocation+

Screening & Risks Algorithms (MAPLe)+

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