Connected Care

Health Espresso's Inter-professional Virtual Health Record (IPVHR) provides a connected, collaborative and secure communication (messaging and video) platform empowers authorized healthcare professionals to access patient vitals, medication list and adherence real-time to make Right Decisions at the Right Time at Point-of-Care for better health outcomes.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Vitals tracking such as blood pressure, heart-beat and or glucose levels.

Medication Adherence tracking.

Adverse Drug to Drug interaction check. 1.5 million drugs updated monthly.

Monitor a large number of primary users’ vitals data collected via mobile app. (for OHT,

community care organization, hospital, retirement and/ or nursing home settings).

Primary Physician - Care Team - Patient Communication

Client & Care Team 2-way Communication. Hospital and/ or physician can assign Care Plans to Nurse, PSW, OT, PT and/ or instructions to the Primary user.

Primary user and/ or caregiver communication back to Hospital and/ or physicians.

Secondary user notification of missed appointments/ dosage – family caregiver, doctor, or any assigned healthcare provider.

Primary user ability to share collected data via email or print.

Share 15/ 30/ 45 days vitals history.

Calendar: Integrated with device calendar for reminders of medication, doctor’sappointments, etc.…

Contacts: Assignment of Secondary user (Family caregiver, physician, hospital) for oversight with consent.


e-Visit: Video capability for Tele-medicine consult.


Prescribe medication on-line to patient’s primary pharmacy

Artificial Intelligence

Interactive Voice “Reminders” feature powered by a proprietary Artificial Intelligence communication tool (similar to Siri, or Alexa).

Chatbot resource finder

Health Espresso’s own Dr. T will help users find local community resources by category.

Location Based Technology (GPS)

Geo-locate Hospitals, Pharmacies and/ or Clinics in the user’s vicinity with a Google Maps step by step directions.

Data Collection Devices via Bluetooth

Health Espresso is device agnostic.

Health Espresso is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled to pair with Bluetooth enabled devices to wirelessly collect data real-time.

Data can also be entered manually.